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Miller Law Group’s Real Estate Coordinator Interviewed

National College’s Sits Down with Valarie Luevano

Representatives from National College in Charlottesville recently took the time to interview Miller Law Group’s own Real Estate Coordinator, Valarie Luevano.  They inquired about the role her education had in bringing success to the firm, as well as advice for future students.  An excerpt is below; go here to read the full story.

“She thoroughly enjoys her work, citing helping people as her favorite part of the job, and looks forward to staying in her profession over the next couple of years. “This is what I enjoy doing,” she says with a smile. She encourages students to continue on with their education by making the commitment and seeing it through. With determination and hard work, Valerie is evidence of how beneficial an education can be in finding a career that will last.”

Original printed April 6, 2012