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What Are Your Rights Under a Real Estate Purchase Agreement?

When you buy or sell real estate, whether it’s a single-family home, a commercial building or a vacant lot, it’s critical that you understand every aspect of the transaction — your rights, the other party’s rights, the timing of the closing and other key terms. The purpose of a real estate purchase agreement is to… Read More »

Does Chapter 7 Require Selling All Your Assets?

One of the biggest fears people have about filing bankruptcy is the notion that they will lose everything when they do. While you should expect to have some property sold to repay debt, you do get to keep certain items. The way you hold on to property is through bankruptcy exemptions. You and your lawyer… Read More »

What Will a Lender Consider When Reviewing Your Mortgage Application?

If you are in the early stages of purchasing (or planning to purchase) a home, you’re likely wondering whether a bank will approve your mortgage loan application. It can help to get pre-approved before you even start house hunting so that you know exactly the loan amount you’ll be able to get and, in turn,… Read More »

What Documents Will Your Mortgage Lender Need?

To adequately prove your income and financial readiness to purchase a home, you will need to provide your mortgage lender with a variety of documents. Rather than waiting for your loan officer to request these documents from you, it can be helpful to collect them ahead of time so that you can send them all… Read More »

Mistakes to Avoid During the Home Inspection Process

A home inspection is one of the most important parts of any real estate transaction. The inspection informs the potential buyer of any problems with the house and a sense of the kind of repairs or maintenance they will need to perform in the near future after purchase. Given the size of the investment involved… Read More »

What You Should Know About Advance Medical Directives in Virginia

No one wants to get to the point where they become incapacitated and therefore incapable of making their decisions about their healthcare. To avoid that situation, it’s important that you have the proper legal documents in place so that your wishes will be carried out. By drafting these advance medical directives, you also spare your… Read More »

Tips to Help You Avoid Probate

Avoiding probate, which is the official proving and recording of a will as valid, can save your beneficiaries or executor significant time, money and stress, which is why so many estate plans focus on using as many probate avoidance methods as possible. If avoiding probate is something you want to prioritize with your estate plan,… Read More »

Valid Reasons to Contest a Will in Virginia

Occasionally, heirs to estates get blindsided by the contents of a loved one’s will. But being surprised or offended by the contents of a will is not a valid reason to challenge the will’s validity. Before engaging in a will contest, you should know the several legal grounds that allow you to challenge the validity… Read More »

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Stop Repossession

If you are in danger of having your car repossessed by creditors in Virginia, you might be wondering whether you have any means of stopping the action. If preventing repossession is your goal, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the best strategy available. When you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the court issues an automatic stay… Read More »

Which Assets Are Protected from Virginia Creditors?

When you become overwhelmed by financial troubles and begin to consider filing for bankruptcy, it’s natural to be worried about the harassment you might get from your creditors. Will they, for example, attempt to garnish your wages or become overly forceful in the strategies they use to seek payment from you? That’s why it’s so… Read More »