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Big Bad Bankruptcy

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bankruptcy?

Unlike the warm comforting feeling one may get from reading children’s stories, the word Bankruptcy can be very, very, scary.

Let Miller Law Group, P.C. Clear the Air!

“I want to keep my house so I cannot file Bankruptcy” – FALSE

Your home, vehicle and personal belongings may all be protected using the appropriate tools and methods in Bankruptcy. EXPERIENCE is necessary; we have the experience and tools at Miller Law Group, P.C.

“I will be fired from my job or lose my security clearance” – FALSE

Employers are often very happy to learn their employees are taking steps towards a more secure future.  Miller Law Group, P.C. processes Bankruptcy cases for clients with sensitive needs such as; security clearance, upper management, financial and new employment positions.  We have helped executives in our area’s leading businesses, we can help you too.

“I am really behind on my mortgage, they’ll kick me out if I file” FALSE

Mortgage Lenders who have been difficult to work with and reluctant to process Loan Modifications are one of our favorites! We will step in-between you and lender and act as your representative.  Once a Bankruptcy case is filed, loan modifications are issued at a much higher rate.  Miller Law Group, P.C. will work with your lender and create a plan for you to stay in your home.

“I will lose my retirement and IRA if I file” FALSE

Tax Deferred Annuities, SEP-IRA, ROTH IRA, 401k and/or Pensions are all fully protected in Bankruptcy, this is your money, it will remain YOUR money.

“My credit will be ruined, I’ll never get financing again” FALSE

Filing will lower your credit score.  We have found that a high percentage of our clients actually see their credit score go up after filing a bankruptcy.  This generally occurs because the filing and completing of a bankruptcy reduces your debt to income ratio, a factor which helps to improve your score.  However, before your case is closed you will receive credit card offers.  You may have slightly higher interest rates initially.  As you rebuild your credit, making monthly payments on time, your score will continually rise and your interest rates will decline.  You will even be able to buy a home after a short time of reestablishing your credit.


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