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Category Archives: Estate Planning

What You Should Know About Advance Medical Directives in Virginia

No one wants to get to the point where they become incapacitated and therefore incapable of making their decisions about their healthcare. To avoid that situation, it’s important that you have the proper legal documents in place so that your wishes will be carried out. By drafting these advance medical directives, you also spare your… Read More »

Tips to Help You Avoid Probate

Avoiding probate, which is the official proving and recording of a will as valid, can save your beneficiaries or executor significant time, money and stress, which is why so many estate plans focus on using as many probate avoidance methods as possible. If avoiding probate is something you want to prioritize with your estate plan,… Read More »

Valid Reasons to Contest a Will in Virginia

Occasionally, heirs to estates get blindsided by the contents of a loved one’s will. But being surprised or offended by the contents of a will is not a valid reason to challenge the will’s validity. Before engaging in a will contest, you should know the several legal grounds that allow you to challenge the validity… Read More »

The Truth About Common Estate Planning Myths

Many people have misconceptions about estate planning, and that lack of understanding can be costly in more ways than one. Therefore, it’s important to seek the help of an experienced estate planning attorney who can clear up these misconceptions. The following are some of the most common estate planning myths and the truths behind them:… Read More »

What You Should Know About Creating a Will

Establishing a will is not a task most people relish. It’s uncomfortable to think about your death and what comes afterward, but it is necessary to ensure a smooth transfer of your estate and assets to your heirs. Below are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare your will: Intestate succession: If… Read More »

What Happens if You Pass Away Without a Will?

If you pass away without a will, you are considered to have passed away “intestate,” and all of your property then becomes subject to the rules of intestate succession. Virginia law will dictate how your property gets distributed to potential heirs. Rather than you having a pre-appointed estate executor, the commonwealth will select someone to… Read More »

Your Social Media Legacy

Several articles have been in the news recently about who owns and gets to control the social media accounts of a deceased person. This problem has been brought to light by several families whose children have died and who want access to their child’s online accounts to preserve memories or find out about why they… Read More »

Why a Revocable Living Trust?

You may have heard of a revocable living trust, but you don’t have any idea if you need one or how it differs from a will. A revocable living trust is an estate planning document that you can use to determine who will get your property when you die. “Revocable” means you can change the… Read More »

Which Type of Trust is Right for You?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the best trust of all?  When faced with choosing between the myriad of trusts that exist, you may feel the situation is as random as a witch getting an answer from a talking mirror. However, each trust serves a specific type of purpose. The key is in knowing… Read More »

Spring Has Sprung (But Hopefully Your Power Of Attorney Has Not)

You may have heard a lot about powers of attorney, but how do you know if you need one? Most everyone, from military personnel, to senior citizens, to a person going on a cruise could benefit from a power of attorney. What is a power of attorney and what powers will my chosen representative have?… Read More »