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Tips for Securing a Mortgage and Making Your Closing as Smooth as Possible

Numerous setbacks and complications can arise in any real estate transaction, but if you’ve secured a mortgage and trust your lender, your transaction and closing has the best chance of proceeding smoothly and quickly. The following are a few tips to help you begin and speed up the loan process so that you can plan… Read More »

Can You Back Out of a Real Estate Purchase Before Closing?

Real estate contracts, like any other legal agreements, bind all parties to the conditions agreed to upon signing. But is there any way to get out of a real estate contract before the closing happens? There are certain contingencies likely to exist in your contract that allow you to back out of the deal. However,… Read More »

The Truth About Common Estate Planning Myths

Many people have misconceptions about estate planning, and that lack of understanding can be costly in more ways than one. Therefore, it’s important to seek the help of an experienced estate planning attorney who can clear up these misconceptions. The following are some of the most common estate planning myths and the truths behind them:… Read More »

What You Should Know About Creating a Will

Establishing a will is not a task most people relish. It’s uncomfortable to think about your death and what comes afterward, but it is necessary to ensure a smooth transfer of your estate and assets to your heirs. Below are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare your will: Intestate succession: If… Read More »

What Happens if You Pass Away Without a Will?

If you pass away without a will, you are considered to have passed away “intestate,” and all of your property then becomes subject to the rules of intestate succession. Virginia law will dictate how your property gets distributed to potential heirs. Rather than you having a pre-appointed estate executor, the commonwealth will select someone to… Read More »

Using Bankruptcy to Block Repossession

If you have a vehicle you rely on but you’re in default on your loan, you must consider all your options for retaining possession. Unfortunately, most areas of the law favor the lender, who has a legal right to take your car or truck through repossession or a process known as detinue. Fortunately, you can… Read More »

If You’re Considering Bankruptcy, Be Careful with Credit Cards

When you’re struggling to cope with overwhelming debt, there’s often a temptation to play credit card roulette. You might take out a cash advance on one credit card to pay down the balance on a higher interest card. You might take out a new card with a balance transfer incentive and load it up with… Read More »

The Perils of Repaying Creditors in the Run-up to Bankruptcy

Let’s say you’re considering bankruptcy, because you’ve got enormous credit card debt and medical bills. You’ve also borrowed a few thousand dollars from family and friends. You need to discharge the debt, or you’ll never turn your finances around. But while you’re okay with taking a hit to your credit score and living without credit… Read More »

Lien Stripping Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If you have more than one home loan you are struggling to repay along with your original mortgage, Chapter 13 bankruptcy might provide a way to discharge those extra loans almost entirely and hold onto your home. Here’s how lien stripping works. When you take out a home loan, you put your property up as… Read More »

How Liens on a Property Can Affect Your Home Closing

One of the reasons for a title search before closing is to discover and cure encumbrances on the property. According to the Washington Post, title companies report that about one-third of all home sales require extraordinary work to clear title. Among the many title problems that arise, the most manageable are liens. A lien is… Read More »