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Which Assets Are Protected from Virginia Creditors?

When you become overwhelmed by financial troubles and begin to consider filing for bankruptcy, it’s natural to be worried about the harassment you might get from your creditors. Will they, for example, attempt to garnish your wages or become overly forceful in the strategies they use to seek payment from you? That’s why it’s so… Read More »

When Does a Debt Management Plan Make Sense?

In certain circumstances, a debt management plan may offer you the best option to dig yourself out of a financial hole. You should seriously consider a debt management plan if: You are unable to pay all of your bills and debts and cannot keep current on your account payments, and You have property or income… Read More »

How Long Does the Bankruptcy Process Take in Virginia?

The length of your bankruptcy depends on the chapter you choose to file, the complexity of your bankruptcy estate, and other factors. Chapter 7 is the quickest form of bankruptcy in Virginia, whereas Chapter 13 requires a payment plan over the course of a few years. Chapter 7 is a liquidation bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court appoints… Read More »

Loan Modification Scams

If you’re behind on your loan payments, you may receive mailings from companies offering to help consolidate or modify your loan.  While the solicitation often looks official, beware!  These types of offers are often scams. Loan modification scammers prey upon desperate borrowers. The solicitation is often from a company whose name sounds like it is… Read More »