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What to Do Before the Tropical Storm or Hurricane

Take time now to prepare a hurricane emergency kit. Don’t wait until a warning is issued and the stores are empty or closed. Prepare an emergency plan and make sure every member of your family knows what to do if they aren’t home when an emergency is declared. According to the National Weather Service, “The best time to prepare for a hurricane is before hurricane season begins on June 1. It is vital to understand your home’s vulnerability to storm surge, flooding, and wind.” Click here for the National Weather Service’s checklist of things do BEFORE hurricane seasons begins.

We here at MILLER LAW GROUP, PC would like to encourage you to be prepared.  Planing is half the process to dealing with any adverse situations.  Make plans so you can help your family and friends. Call us locally at 434-974-9776 or contact our lawyers online with any questions and for help with your legal needs.


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