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Seasoned Attorneys in Virginia Help You Achieve Debt Relief Through Loan Modification

Affording clients a more affordable solution of debt repayment

Loan modifications are changes made by lenders to help those struggling to pay off loans.  Unfortunately, the paperwork and time limits involved in applying for these modifications can cause significant stress — and even cause some to abandon the attempt. The Miller Law Group, P.C. can streamline the process. Worrying about payments is stressful enough: We remove the additional stress of the loan modification process to help you reach an agreement with your creditor that satisfies your debt relief goals.

How does loan modification work?

Loan modification helps a debtor change his or her loan to reach a more affordable payment by negotiating with the lender. A modification can restructure a mortgage to avoid home foreclosure. The creditor may change any of the following terms to achieve the reduced monthly payment:

  • Interest rate reduction
  • Conversion from a variable to a fixed interest rate
  • Extension of the length of the loan

If your current lender won’t modify your loan, you may be able to achieve modification through a federal government program. At the Miller Law Group, P.C., our experienced bankruptcy attorneys will do everything possible to help you reach an agreement with your lender and avoid declaring bankruptcy. If bankruptcy is your only option, we help you file for Chapter 13 to keep you in your home.

Eligibility for loan modifications

When you seek a loan modification, you need to provide your lender with documentation that proves financial hardship. That documentation may include:

  • Tax returns
  • Bank statements
  • Proof of income
  • Hardship letter

Our skilled attorneys with the Miller Law Group, P.C. can help you navigate the loan modification process to reach an agreement with your lender that provides you with lasting debt relief.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you modify your loans

If you’ve fallen behind on mortgage or other debt payments, we can help you contact your lender to effectively modify your loan. With more than 30 years of combined experience, the attorneys and professional staff at the Miller Law Group, P.C. work hard to protect what’s important to our clients:  their assets and their families. Call us locally at 434-218-3987 or contact us online today for your FREE APPOINTMENT. Our law firm is located behind the Senior Center in Charlottesville and is handicapped-accessible. Parking is available outside the door.

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